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topic posted Mon, June 26, 2006 - 1:08 PM by  Kondanna
Hello. I'm moving to Thailand and sadly must part with my collection of Osho books. If anyone is interested in the complete library, or individual books, please contact me.

Sw. Amrit Kanz


50th Birthday Edition
99 Names of Nothingness, The
Above All, Don’t Wobble
Ah This! (paperback)
Ancient Music in the Pines
And the Flower Showered (paperback, slight water damage)
A rose is a rose is a rose
Art of Dying, The
Believing in the impossible before breakfast
Beloved, The - Volume I
Beloved of my heart
Be Realistic, Plan for a Miracle
Beyond Psychology
Blessed are the ignorant
Bodhidharma, the greatest Zen master
Book of the Books, The
Book of the books, The - Volume II (paperback) (2 copies)
Book of the books, The - Volume III (paperback) 2 copies
Book of the books, The - Volume IV (paperback)
Book of the Secrets
Book of the Secrets Volume II (paperback)
Book of the Secrets Volume III (paperback)
Book of the Secrets Volume IV
Book of the Secrets Volume V (paperback)
Book of wisdom, The - Volume II (paperback)
Buddha Disease, The
Communism & Zen Fire, Zen Wind
Cup of Tea, A (paperback)
Dance Your Way To God
Dang Dang Doku Dang Talks on Zen
Death the Greatest Fiction (paperback)
Diamond Sutra
Dimensions beyond the known (paperback)
Don’t bite my finger, look where I’m pointing
Don’t let yourself be upset by the sutra (paperback)
Drunk on the Divine (paperback)
Empty Boat, The
Everyday Meditator, The (paperback)
Far beyond the Stars
First Principle, The
Fish in the sea is not thirsty, The
For mad men only
From Darkness to Light
From Sex to Super-consciousness
Further shore, The
Get out of your own way (2 copies)
Glimpses of the golden childhood (paperback)
God is dead
God is not for sale
Gold Nuggets
Goose is out, The (paperback)
Grass Grows By Itself, The
Great nothing, The
Great Zen Master Tahei, The
Hammer on the Rock (paperback)
Heart Sutra, The
Hidden Harmony , The
Hidden Splendor, The
Hsin Hsin, the book of nothing (paperback)
I am The Gate (paperback)
Inward Revolution, The (paperback)
I say onto You Volume I (paperback)
Journey Toward the Heart
Krishna, the man and his philosophy (paperback)
Let Go
Life Love Laughter (paperback)
Light on the path
Live Zen
Madman’s guide to enlightenment, A (paperback)
Meditation: The Art of Ecstasy
Meditation. The first and last freedom
Messiah - Volume I
My Way: The Way of White Clouds
Neither This Nor That
New Vision of Women’s Liberation, A
No-book - no Buddha, no teaching, no discipline
No mind – the flower of eternity
Notes of a Madman
Nothing to lose but your head
No water, no moon (paperback)
Only one sky (paperback)
Orange Book, The
Path of the mystic, The
Philosophia Perrenis Volume I
Philosophia Ultima (paperback)
Poisoned in Ronald Reagan’s America
Priests and Politicians, the mafia of the soul (paperback)
Psychology of the esoteric, The (paperback)
Rainbow Bridge, The
Rajneesh Bible Volume I (paperback)
Rajneesh Bible Volume III (paperback)
Rajneesh-ism (paperback)
Rebellious Spirit, The (paperback)
Returning to the Source
Revolution, The
Roots and Wings. Talks on Zen
Search, The
Secret of the Secrets, The – Volume I
Secret Yes, The
Sex (paperback)
Shadow of a Whip, The
Shadow of the bamboo, The (paperback)
Snap your fingers, slap your face and wake up! (paperback)
Sound of Running Water, The
Sufis, The - Volume I
Sun rises in the evening, The
Supreme Doctrine, The (paperback)
Tantra Vision, The - Volume I
Tantra Vision, The – Volume II
Tao the golden gate Volume I
Tao the pathless path Volume I
Tao the Pathless Path Volume II (paperback)
Tao the Three Treasures Volume I (paperback)
Tao the Three Treasures Volume II
Tao the Three Treasures Volume III
Tao the Three Treasures Volume IV
That Art Thou
This is IT
This, this, thousand times – this!
This Very Place The Lotus Paradise
Transmission of the lamp, The
Until You Die
Vedanta 7 Steps to Samadhi
Vigian Bhyraf Tantra 1st Series
Vigian Bhyraf Tantra 2nd Series
Walk Without Feet, Fly Without Wings, Think Without Mind
Walking in Zen, Sitting in Zen (paperback)
When the shoe fits (paperback)
White Lotus, The (paperback)
Wild Geese & The Water, The
Wisdom of the Sands (paperback)I
Words Like Fire
Yahoo, mystic rose!
Yoga the Alpha and the Omega Volume IV
Yoga the Alpha and the Omega Volume V
Yoga the Alpha and the Omega Volume VII
Yoga, the science of the soul Volume I (paperback)
Yoga, the science of the soul Volume III (paperback)
Zarathustra, The God can Dance
Zarathustra, The Laughing Prophet
Zen Manifesto: Freedom from One’s Self
Zen the Path of Paradox
Zen, the quantum leap from mind to no-mind
Zen, the special transmission (paperback)
Zorba the Buddha (paperback)


Socrates poisoned again, after 25 centuries
Bharti, Ma Satya – Death Comes Dancing
Forman, Juliette – Bhagwan:12 days that shook the world
Forman, Juliette - Bhagwan, One man against the ugly past of humanity
Gunther, Bernard - Dying for Enlightenment
Joshi, Vasant – The Awakened One
Meredith, George – The Choice Is ours (PB)
Mullan, Bob – Life As Laughter
Murphy, Dell – The Rajneesh Story
Prasad, Ram Chandra – Rajneesh: The Mystic of Feeling
Strelli, Kate – The Ultimate Game
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    Re: osho library for sale

    Mon, June 26, 2006 - 2:01 PM
    Congrats on your new move. I know we've talked about Thailand before and I am happy you have found your space. Enjoy!! I may be hitting you up for a few of these juicy books too.

  • Re: osho library for sale

    Thu, July 6, 2006 - 5:45 PM
    Just in case you hae not got rid of them yet, if these books have been printed during Osho's lifetime they are very valuable, as the Osho foundation in NYC has edited all of Osho's books for content and it seems to be harder to get them original!!! I have a cd someone gave me of every word , ever recorded Osho speaking.
    So you might not want to get rid of the books after all...
  • Re: osho library for sale

    Mon, July 24, 2006 - 8:27 AM
    Greetings Kondanna, Responding to you though mail of books seems to be from Sw. Kanz. Do have a friend here in Portland,OR who would like Notes of a Madman. Is it still available? If so please hold for me as we work out details as he definitely wants it. Thanks, Arupo
  • Re: osho library for sale

    Mon, July 24, 2006 - 8:32 AM
    Also have another friend here interested in Osho books so please let me know what is still available and prices as he would like to buy many or all if price agreeable. Love, Arupo
  • Re: osho library for sale

    Thu, August 31, 2006 - 2:31 AM
    Hi! I just found your page in internet!
    Hope you have a great trip, Thailand is a beautiful place.
    I am interested in THE HIDDEN HARMONY,fragments of Heraclitus, the printed book version
    write me and give me the details
    best to you Amrit Kanz

  • Re: osho library for sale

    Fri, October 20, 2006 - 11:16 PM
    Am interested in the two picture books.
    Sound of Running Water and This very place the lotus paradise.
    Am resident in Thailand myself
    Can you sell seperately?

  • Re: osho library for sale

    Fri, January 18, 2008 - 8:31 AM
    I'm very very interested in Vol. I-IV of Tao: The Three Treasures. Are they still available? If so, please contact me at

    THANKS in advance~

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